Gourmet: ready for a revolution?

As predicted in the preview earlier, Gourmet presents a more understated mainline for its latest collection placing more emphasis on the low-cut CINQUE 2 L models with an assortment of easy-to-wear seasonal colors, materials and prints. Keep an eye out for the artful camouflage prints on canvas with clean leather accents and if camouflage is not your thing, safari prints, croc leather and houndstooth are also available on other silhouettes.


Gourmet is a brand that truly defies categorization. Above all, cornerstone influences are Italian and Italian-American culture. From old world Italy and its grand tradition of menswear tailoring with luxe fabrics and trends that have driven the fashion market. To Italians in the metropolitan enclaves across the USA at batting cages and local giglio feasts wearing sweatpants with an undeniable swagger; Gourmet is all of the above.

For Years, refined Italian and casual All-American men’s looks have been imitated, rehashed, reworked and reinterpreted season after season but never before have they collided as they do in Gourmet. This is a new, revolutionary, remixed laid back luxury inspired by Italian culture, food, style and music. Gourmet is both high and low, style forward yet familiar, chic and gauche. Each piece possesses an understated complexity that underlies Gourmet’s high concept DNA.

Source: Gourmet

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