Roberto Botticelli

Roberto Botticelli: a luxurious winter

Roberto Botticelli`s collection is full of styles from bold python stilettos and loafers to more sober all black suede and leather models, we found we had a penchant for something blue. Countless special leathers were used for next season including quilted nappa leather, python, crocodile and eel.


From this great passion for contemporary art, Roberto Botticelli wanted to interpret fashion design as a new art, as the fruit of collective work and at the same time individual, capable of rising up to symbolise time. This is how the Botticelli style was born.

Each line is not limited to interpreting trends of the moment, but it claims to express a personal point of view: not just the here and now but mostly projected towards new horizons.

Botticelli products are created for those who are not content with the trivial and repetitive. They are for those who believe that quality of life means knowing how to surround oneself with beautiful things, full of personality, sought-after materials, colours and designs. Passion for art and its alliance with luxury footwear creations are the bases for every Botticelli product.

Source: Roberto Botticelli

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