Red Rag

Red Rag shoes: Nature in the city

Red Rag challenges you: walk, think, look and act differently. With a bold, creative vision, we look at the world around us. Each season that attitude is translated in an unusual, but wearable collection Red Rag shoes. This Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by nature striking designs and colors. The collection consists of fashionable sneakers & tough boots.


Red-Rag is an outstanding shoe brand: unruly and sassy. Red-Rag’s world is a creative hub, an inspiring free world where anything is possible. No wonder Red-Rag’s got a nicely provocative and self-assured attitude. It sees the world through cheeky pink glasses and refreshes life with a dose of humor.

Headstrong, colorful people who are blessed with a rebellious character love Red-Rag. They are strong personalities who don’t follow fashion rules or trends. They love unexpected, pure beauty and surprising, extraordinary designs. When it comes to shoes, they choose authentic, stylish designs that are made with love.

Source: Red Rag

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