Gaastra Junior

gaastra junior: let the adventure begin!

Gaastra, known for its casual, sporty image, created an autumn/winter collection which is tough and contemporary, targeted at all adventurous young men out there. Staying warm and being cool surely is possible with this collection.


Gaastra is an international, functional and nautical sportswear brand with an intense passion for sailing and the sea. The international reputation of the company is built on a unique mixture of functionality and fashion, consistently implemented in the Gaastra Pro and Gaastra Sportswear collections. Gaastra Pro is the ultimate professional line, which uses cutting-edge technology and materials to provide the best possible comfort and protection under all possible conditions, regardless of whether it involves a challenging transatlantic regatta or a recreational excursion over inland waters. Gaastra Sportswear, divided into the Sport and Breton lines, is the rugged and sportsmanlike fully-fitted casual collection, still clearly inspired by Gaastra’s rich nautical legacy. Both collections, Gaastra Pro and Gaastra Sportswear, also offer a wide selection of shoes and other accessories.

Source: Gaastra Junior

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