Gant Kids

Gant Kids: clever & relaxed

This season, we created a wardrobe for the New Yorker or for the cosmopolitan who loves our way of doing colorful, fresh and elegant American sportswear. The result is quietly clever, relaxed clothes you can wear to work, to pick up the kids, to the country, to dinner. It’s an urban take on American sportswear, a new way of mixing pieces together, new silhouettes and a huge amount of work on the detail.


The origins of Gant can be found in the traditions and lifestyles of America’s East Coast. Today, this style has followers all over the world, but the authenticity of Gant cannot be matched without the same kind of genuine roots that we have. Gant is more than just a product; it’s a lifestyle to which people aspire. The Gant commitment to customers and products is long-term. Our products have a long life, in terms of both quality and style.

Source: Gant Kids

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