LoFff: The most beautiful girl’s garments from Holland | ‘flamboyant’

For next summer we have chosen one word to characterize the collection: Flamboyant! It is full of colour, very stylish, very girly. Some unusual shapes, some exuberant combinations, lots of summer inspiration for all the LOFFFELY GIRLS in this world!


Having daughters is one of the great pleasures in life. LoFff loves little girls almost as much as you do. They have been making high fashion girls collections for many years, always bearing in mind that it is the girl you want to see, and not the dress. But also knowing that a beautiful outfit makes any girl feel good, and that in turn makes them happy.

The collections designed by LoFff are easy to wear, easy to wash, easy to put on, coordinated, affordable. They have class and are stylish. The whole collection is designed by one hand – and one mind – and that shows.

Source: LoFff

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