Bellerose: nonchy sophistication

It’s a look in the style of Isabel Marant, but for children. You’ll find shirts nonchalantly knotted and with turned back sleeves, which you can wear over a plain T-shirt, or there’s a faded denim, military style jacket … The Bellerose colours are subdued and easy to mix and match, the cuts are comfortable and always totally on-trend. Bellerose strikes a good balance for creating a ‘street’ look, tinged with a certain style and sophistication.


Bellerose is a brand created in 1989. Concrete creativity utility. Fresh innovation and copper rivets, selvage proportioned, customised, studded-patched. Second hand focusing on detail washing and dying processes. Being fresh and innovating.

Bellerose, it’s urban, most definitely! Its collections have a casual, laidback style but without being in any way sloppy; each garment has discreet little details which enhance it, a silvery thread here, a buttoned flap there, all aesthetic details, but they’re functional too. If you adopt the Bellerose style, then you’re choosing a ‘life style’, with an undeniable cool factor attached!

Source: Bellerose

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