Silke | adventurous

Silke is simple, sporty and sassy. Like many younger siblings, she is a bit more adventurous and perhaps a little bit of a tomboy. She is, in other words, a girl of her time just as Pom Pom is of hers. Silke’s colour palette is brighter and bolder, and the clothes are more basic and less detailed, but all the items are of the quality you have come to expect from us. Silke’s line is totally compatible and interchangeable with the entire Pom Pom collection. But of course she holds her own very well too…


Let me introduce her to you…
Silke is our new line in girls’ clothing for ages 2-12, more basic than Pompom and therefore more competitively priced, more in tune with today. In real life I’m the proud mother of three daughters. I see Silke as daughter number four, and (in this spirit) I’m sending her out into the world. I hope you will give her the same warm welcome as you gave Pom Pom.

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