Garcia Jeans

Garcia jeans: stay relaxed, feel confident!

An authentic sense of craftsmanship, intense love of denim and a Mediterranean way of living converge into the best kept secret of the fashion world: Garcia.


We get your senses tingling as we bring you the best of two worlds. The versatility of mainstream fashion against a unique lifestyle thanks to our southern roots and products with character. Garcia is for self-confident, relaxed men and women (aged 25 – 40) and teenagers. Our challenge is to inspire you with collections that change from month to month – trendy, affordable fashion and a good price-quality ratio. Garcia is temperamental, fun and casual with here and there a touch of sophisticated sexiness. Our eye for quality is complemented by a sense of comfort. Rich fabrics and cool designs reveal our adventurous mind-set.Garcia is part of the JOG Group, a rapidly growing, international organisation where more than a thousand employees work on making our brand a success. Each one creative and determined, passionate and ambitious in their work. Garcia has an open mind and innovative corporate culture that appears like a warm, Mediterranean family. Each day we learn a little bit more and develop constantly so that you can experience the ultimate Garcia feel. Together with customers, suppliers, employees and other partners we are creating and extending a contemporary concept. At the moment Garcia has 2,500 multibrand stores, more than 70 Shop-in-Shops, 200 Soft Shops, 25 franchise stores and tens of online stores spread over 20 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Source: Garcia Jeans

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