BY1OAK: be one of a kind

“Dance on the rooftop, follow your dreams at Central Park, live Meatpacking life 24/7, be a gipsy at Williamsburg, fall in love with the skyline. The city that never sleeps.” The handmade jewelry BY1OAK are ‘one of a kind.

The silver and gold necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are characterized by their refined style and the use of different types of beads and gemstones. Thus, each stone has its own color, shape and meaning.


Two girlfriends on a trip, far from home into the city where you can get inspiration from the streets literally. Three months adventure in the fashion city of New York was the beginning of something beautiful. All their impressions and experiences resulted in the idea for a new jewelery label. Jewelry that has all these unique experiences to cherish wearing them.

The young designers, Chrissie Vreeker and Rachelle Bleeker, have found an original way to translate their interests, personal style and fashion sense into a contemporary brand. Meanwhile, New York is not the only final destination, but they travel to many countries looking for new ideas and the perfect materials.

Source: BY1OAK

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