Exelle, made with love to make you look more beautiful.

Exelle distinguishes itself through the use of special designs in combination with various prints. The distinctive pure but very feminine look is a common thread in the collections. By linking romantic and tough elements, Exelle creates a sophisticated, modern look.
In short, a brand to fall in love with.


Exelle fashion will highlight your natural beauty. The exelle label stands out because of beautiful materials and the fashionable details that do not interfere with the comfort of wearing the garment. Exelle stands for affordable luxury.
We wish for everyone to have a greater sense of self esteem and respect for themselves, as well as for others. We wish the media would show us the real beauty, not there idealized fantasy world of beauty.
Exelle was founded in 1985 by Lies Bossink in response to a project at the fashion academy. The company is located in Enschede in the Netherlands.
Dutch design with international style.

Source: Exelle

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