DRYKORN: progressive brilliance

Sophisticated understatement is conveyed by the brilliance and the glamour of dark color schemes, almost monochrome camouflage prints and restrained reptile textures. Balanced materials are clashing onto each other and due to the abandonment of color contrasts a harmonious look arises. A world consistent of truffle-colored wool and fir green leather where dazzling flashes are lighting up the sky. This luxurious clean-chic is broken up by sharp digital prints in hard rock airbrush design.


Founded in 1996 the German label DRYKORN developed from a trouser label to a sophisticated and stylish brand, which today offers all kinds of product lines. Internationally well-known DRYKORN’s main characteristics are selected fabrics, high-quality manufacturing and a trendy but straight-lined statement. The label defines itself as metropolitan, reachable and progressive.


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