Esprit: fashion & the city

Who is not fascinated by world’s largest metropolitans? Everyone loves to let these metropolitan cities inspire them, think New York, Paris, HongKong, Amsterdam. Every city has its own style, especially if its about fashion. Esprit presents its new fall/winter look, inspired by these international fashion capitals. What do you wear this season when shopping at Fifth Ave, when admiring Amsterdam’s canals, when enjoying your café au lait in a French bistro or during a night out in downtown Hongkong?

NEW YORK - Speed is the key word. Always looking for the most innovating, the style, the success. Who knows the rules of street and fashion is definitely on spot in this style.

PARIS - The city of elegance. The cradle of the savoir-vivre. Whether you are walking down the Champs-Elysées or enjoying your café au lait in the bistro, nonchalant elegance is always on top, with a touch of urban coolness. Think of combining rough knitwear with the softest silk or a classic blouse with stylish jeans in metallic look.

AMSTERDAM - No city is as relaxed and free-minded as Amsterdam. The vibe is relaxed, yet energetic, timeless and young, authentic and inspiring. A classic corduroy blazer in the brightest nuance of red? No problem, as long as it is comfortable. Because feeling great is as much important as looking good.

HONGKONG - Hongkong is a breathtaking caleidoscope, where the most interesting contradictions live together in harmony. East mixed with west, hightech and tradition, hectic with peaceful silence. The black dress is covered with white dots and combined with a leather jacket. Casual cardigans are combined with shimmery lycra. Extremes seem to go perfectly well together.


Esprit is an international youthful lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life. A team of international designers translates the Esprit attributes into regular collections in a self-confident, natural, stylish and sensual way. Although the company focuses on the product and price/performance ratio, Esprit also invests continuously in quality and fit – high standards that are also maintained in manufacture.


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