Blue Blood

Blue Blood: our friends & family

The For Our Friends collection within the Blue Blood brand is our way of showcasing some of the best laundry work possible. The washes are rich and experimental. We treat each garment like it is made specifically ‘for our friends’ and families, so as you can imagine some very special pieces are showcased in this collection. The signature of the For Our Friends jean is a black patch on the right back pocket and a black pencil in the carpenter pencil pocket.


Blue Blood is an Amsterdam based denim and fashion brand founded in 2002. The name is chosen to illustrate the love for denim: “we have indigo coursing through our veins”. It is also a synonym for royalty and aristocracy, emphasizing the love for quality, tradition and craftsmanship.

The Blue Blood motto is ‘For Our Friends’. This is how Blue Blood started out: making jeans for their own friends. As the brand developed further, ‘For Our Friends’ became a special line in the collection.

The labels and products bare the image of a Lobster. The Lobster was chosen as the brand’s mascot because they have blue blood too.

Blue Blood brings, besides a large assortment of denim wear, many non-denim related items such as shirts, T-shirts, jackets and knitwear. The collection of Blue Blood is inspired by authentic workwear with a tailored twist. To symbolize the focus on workwear, there is in each jean a pencil pocket with inside a Blue Blood carpenter pencil.

Source: Blue Blood