hommard: Fall Winter collection

The Hommard Collection has been carefully composed to ensure every man will find his style of choice. From the iconic crewneck sweater to our five-button vest and the cable knit scarf; they are piece-by-piece modern essentials of classic order. Hand knitted, environmentally friendly and fair priced.All Hommard products are crafted in our atelier in Mongolia. Only the highest quality cashmere is selected for the manufacturing of Hommard garments. Its softness will make you well aware of that.


Hommard is a gentle brand for the gentle man. Hommard is about combining the modern with the classic, the luxury with the affordable and the everyday life with style. Every man comes to a point in his life where he deserves a fine cashmere sweater. But you wouldn’t want it at the expense of your weekend with the wife in Paris. No. You want to wear it while in Paris, that weekend. That’s why we keep our cashmeres fair priced and environmentally friendly. Arming it with an even finer sophistication and giving you much more to babble ’bout with the wife. Good for you. Hommard.