Matinique: Cinematic masculinity

The new Matinique Autumn/Winter collection called “Deconstructed Modernity” is inspired by classic menswear worn by steelworkers in the thirties. Subtle colours, layers, and authentic fabrics put together in a way that adds to the sense of masculinity and wearability.

Mixing fabrics and using navy, black, and grey melange as a base, this Autumn collection keeps up a rougher, tougher and sincerely masculine look. Lighter and more intensive colours such as waterfall blue, beetroot Bordeaux and dark yellow are matched with more subtle colours such as seaweed green, dirty blue and kaki. In that mix, the collection gets that edginess that is true to Matinique.


Matinique was founded in 1973 by Niels Martinsen, whose vision was to create comfortable, high-quality and fashionable clothing for men. Matinique is about clear and simple choices. About making it easy for the modern man to express his individuality. To enjoy a carefree life and to stand his ground in a fluctuating world, while always displaying his awareness of style.

Source: Matinique