Supertrash Girls

Supertrash girls: warm winter

Fashion brand Supertrash, founded by designer Olcay Gulsen, launches ‘Super Trash Girls’, a line for girls aged six to sixteen. The collection is divided into four themes; Travel Girl, School Girl, Beach Girl and Polished Girl. The themes vary from denim to chic and classic. The collection consists of 40 different styles at a price range from € 39.95 to € 120, for sale at premium children’s shops.


The brand was brought to big European success by Dutch fashion entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen. Now SuperTrash is well-known in the global fashion industry. With a retail network of over 1,600 high-end boutiques and department stores, SuperTrash has become a major power player in today’s fashion industry. Most recently the brand has launched a girls collection, SuperTrash Phenomenal perfume and Madame SuperTrash lingerie line.

Source: Supertrash Girls

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