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ALL Trends Men 2012

Men can choose from a lot of different original styles this summer. Never a dull look with so many influences such as raw rockstar, uptight preppy, refreshing urban and nerdy. Army and navy touches, crazy prints and a lot of color accents, make it into an exciting ensemble of flavors!


Prints dominate the streets this summer. From ethnic to flower and animal prints and some of them mixed together. Like eye candy that’s finger-licking good!


Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors! This season is all about daring colors. Be original and spice up your outfit by adding a pop of color.


Besides bold colors, black will overrule this season’s collections for men more than ever. From black leather to the use of black in a minimalist style.


It’s all about prints this summer. Sure, you can pick some mellow prints, but why won’t you be a dare devil? Go for the retro or tropical print! Dare to experiment!


The most remarkable style comebacks are the nerdy and preppy-look. Dusty colors, flood pants and a bow tie make these looks very refreshing and different than what we’ve seen the last few years.

TIP: Want to spice op your black ensemble? Combined with a print or bold colors you will create a great look!