Why not have the q (or whatever it gonna be called now)

how fancy is your sewing machine

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The reason we like fentanyl in particular over natural opiates like morphine in acute trauma cases is because it is synthetic and is theorized to trigger less histamine release in the body, as well as having a much shorter half life. Histamine release (like as seen in morphine administration) can lead to increased vasodilation and spasms of the lungs, leading to hypotension and decreased oxygen perfusion. We don want blood pressure dropping in a patient bleeding out..

It’s really not that fucking hard to remain registered. If you have voted in any election or gone to the DMV for any reason in the previous 8 years, you are registered. Georgia law also requires that if someone is going to be removed from the voter roll they will be notified by mail 3 times.

In NJ they have programs for special contractor agents to help you find employment after an accident or illness causing permanent disability. Vocational rehabilitation etc. This can include vouchers for transportation, consultation with potential employers and the state will often pay for accommodations for the employer for accessibility tools or devices if the job salary will make it worth it long term..

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