The Predators might be the defending Western Conference

Update: This is the first meeting between the clubs since the Predators topped the Ducks in the Western Conference finals in six games to advance to the Stanley Cup Final. John Gibson was injured in Game 5 of the series cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys, and didn’t play in the deciding game, but he’s been excellent this season under duress (.919 save percentage). The Predators might be the defending Western Conference champions cheap nfl jerseys, but the momentum hasn’t carried over.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping The lead was short lived, however, as the Ducks drove in one run in the home half of the second cheap nfl jerseys, two in the third, and one more in the fourth to turn a two run deficit into a 5 3 lead of their own. An RBI double off the bat of Zeph Walters in the third leveled the score at 3 all and Stevens grabbed the lead two batters later on a Donny Gherardi single. The hosts then chased EC starter Nick Sampogna ’18 from the mound after Harrison Kaye led off the frame with a base hit Cheap Jerseys free shipping.