So he might well come back to be Lord Commander of the Night

You did a backflip on stage which was bad ass.That depends on how he comes back to life. I believe Jon warged Ghost when his body died, so for him to be able to come back, he would need for the Night Watch to not burn his body.Maybe Melisandre will have a hand in that and try to resurrect him, and it won work because Jon never truly died, but if she can heal his body, like we know red priests can do (see Moqorro and Victarion), then the Varamyr prologue suggests that Jon could warg back into his own body.So, if he comes back into his own body, what to stop the Night Watch from saying “well, you walking and talking, so you never died, get back to your post”?What to stop them from declaring that Jon, while he was had been demoted from Lord Commander?I think it depends very much on how the Wildlings behave, and lets not forget that Jon also has lots of friends within the Watch itself, it was only a handful of people from the Watch that attacked him, not all of them. So he might well come back to be Lord Commander of the Night Watch (the 1000th).However, it becomes infinitely more interesting if he does not get his own body back.He can stay too long in Ghost, because that would mean his would factually cease to exist after some time cheap jerseys cheap jerseys, but what if he could warg wights? If he could a White Walker raising a wight by taking over the body before it is raised?What if he could warg into a White Walker?Or Robert Strong? Or Wun Wun?Or fAegon (and have the Targaryen blood as well as the Targaryen looks)?I am sure of one thing though: however he comes back, and even if he doesn I sure Jon won just abandon the Wall and the threat of the White Walkers.He might do some other things cheap jerseys, like take back Winterfell and try and save Arya cheap jerseys, but he will do it with the White Walkers in the back of his mind and would return to deal with the Wall..

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