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Rallying behind the crowd the Chiefs were able to gain some momentum late in the game after a game misconduct to Johnson. Collins scored his second of the game on a one timer that beat Ellis bottom right. The power play goal came in at 18:43 with the assist going to Troy Schwab.

No me considero un en esto de manejar distribuciones. Ahora uso Ubuntu: es simple, es bonito, es algo que me gusta usar. Por eso me duele cuando hay gente que te ataca, o simplemente no te ayuda porque no eres como ellos.. Rob Gronkowski Patriots Two years ago it was impossible to stop Gronk, now for the last season he has had injury after injury that has slowed his progress. No TE has ever won the Comeback Award; but if there is a TE to do it; it would be Gronk. Tom Brady is still delivering the passes; so as long as Gronk can stay on the field he actually has a chance to get this award..

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