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George Mitchell hoping for a quick

Stuart Littlewood argues that the US sponsored direct talks between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas are farcical, lopsided and designed to achieve fake, temporary peace whose aim is temporarily bague en or doigt noir avec bague en or fiancaille bague en or de luxe homme save a few worthless political skins

On the eve of the silliest peace talks in history, the big question is comment faire briller une bague en or jaune this. What makes Obama envoy George Mitchell, a negotiator of high repute, say there is role for Hamas

The talks are silly because they seek to bague en or forme coeur overturn what the United Nations has already decided for resolving the Israel Palestine conflict and drive a bulldozer comment nettoyer une bague en or gris through the building blocks of justice.

It might be music to Zionist ears, but to people of good will it a cruel, futile and immensely damaging ploy.

Unequal partners, partisan auspices

The talks are also silly bague en or jaune avec diamant because they bring together two people who by no stretch of the imagination could qualify as partners for peace. And they sit down under the auspices of a third party with an appalling track record in the Middle East and whom no one trusts to act fairly.

So Mitchell has been dealt a crap hand. bague en or chanel The former US senator, we told, has had an illustrious career in politics. Honours have been heaped upon bague en or epaisse him for his part in the Northern Ireland Friday agreement.

Accepting one of those awards the Liberty Medal in 1998 Mitchell said:

I believe there no such thing as a bague en or saphir noir conflict that can be ended. No matter how ancient the conflict, no matter how hateful, no matter how hurtful, peace reconnaitre bague en or can prevail. But only if those who stand for peace and justice are supported and encouraged, while those who do not are opposed bague en or griffe and combien vaut une bague en or condemned. Seeking an end to conflict is not for the timid or the tentative. There must be a clear and determined policy not to yield to the men of violence.

How about that Conflict can be ended only by supporting those who stand for peace and condemning those who don But does he know has he really taken the trouble to find out who actually stands for peace and justice in the ever escalating obscenity of the Israeli occupation of Palestine And is he absolutely clear who men of astuce pour nettoyer une bague en or violence are Get it wrong and matters are made worse.

matters not one jot or tittle that the White House has Hamas as a terrorist organization. bague en or avec rubis They have legitimacy. Besides, millions outside the White House can point to Israel’s much worse terror crimes.

Mitchell is such an awesome peace monger that he has become a bague en or mariage visiting Professor at Britain’s bracelet bague en or Leeds Metropolitan University’s School of rétrécir une bague en or blanc Applied Global Ethics, and the university is developing a new Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution bearing his name.

If Mitchell is so bague en or blanc avec rubis clued up you have to wonder why he took the job a veritable poisoned chalice. And you think a person with his vast experience would stick to reconaitre une bague en or accepted rules of engagement for conflict resolution and peace making. I’ll mention just three:

directly with the people who are concerned or with whom there are concerns.

the issues, not the people with whom there is disagreement.

issue can be limits

There is no one more concerned than Hamas. Obviously they must be allowed to represent the Palestinian case. It matters not one jot or tittle that the White House has “identified” Hamas as a terrorist organization. They have bague en or forme allongee legitimacy. Besides, millions outside the White House can point to Israel’s much worse terror crimes.

Mitchell, besides barring Hamas, bends even further to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin bague en or femme coeur Netanyahu’s demands and has ruled there must be no pre conditions. Which orgelet soigner avec une bague en or means that Israel criminal conduct such as settlement construction, dispossession, ethnic cleansing, the land and sea blockade of Gaza, the occupation, the strangulation of the economy and its taste for piracy and extra judicial killing, and its trampling of human rights, including those of self determination, are allowed to continue while the hapless Palestinians face the Israelis across the table.

And never mind that Netanyahu is permitted to enter these rever bague en or islam talks with his own pre conditions, saying that the return of Palestinian refugees to the homes they were forced to flee, and the continuing occupation of East Jerusalem including the Old City, are not for discussion, and threatening to resume the (temporarily suspended) illegal settlement building…