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Dudu Mkhwanazi on winning IITPSA award and the future of Project Isizwe

Following the ceremony we had a chance to chat with chief executive officer at the non profit organisation, Dudu Mkhwanazi.

Speaking to Mkhwanazi it clear why she was appointed as the organisation CEO last bague en 4 pieces ensemble boheme coquille bracelets porte bonheur bracelets pour femmes mode elastique brin or harley davidson year. bijoux pas cher She is passionate about Project bague en or 24 carats prix Isizwe and smiles as we ask her what she think won the organisation the vote of the judges.

think it our experience in this industry. Five years ago when Project Isizwe was founded nobody thought synonyme bague en or of internet access as a ocesrio mode cubique zircone argent croix bracelet femmes fil rouge bracelet a breloques reglable public utility, the CEO tells bague en or femme cleor us.

were pioneers connecting low bague en or 750 income huatang geometrique corde chaine bracelets ensemble pour femmes geometrique crabe tortue pendentif communities [to the internet] in partnership with municipalities. cinily multicolore cristal acier inoxydable en gros vente chaude bijoux pour femmes mariage fete Now prix bague en or 24 carats we pioneers bracelet strathspey en cuir veritable bracelets et bracelets en polyurethane pour femmes pulseira again connecting mining communities in partnership with mining companies. coque iphone 6 pas cher changing bague en or pour jeune fille face of nouveau bracelet en cristal de coeur bracelets en acier inoxydable bijoux de mode pour les femmes internet access in SA

Data from bague en or cleor Statistics South Africa General Household Survey prix d’une bague en or 2017 (PDF) reveals that just 10.6 percent of South Africans bague en or mots fleches have internet access at home. iphone 11 case coque iphone xs However, 56.9 percent of South Africans have internet access via a mobile device. coque iphone Internet access in South Africa is growing albeit at a snail pace.

This slow growth is why projects which make internet access more accessible, are so vital because they help connect low income communities that can afford fibre connectivity or high speed WiFi.

Government seems comment verifier une bague en or to have realised that internet access bague en or avec coeur is vital as the Project Isizwe CEO tells us but bague en or chevaliere homme more must be done.

great is that there is political buy in. coque iphone 6 I think our political superiors understand that the world is moving towards digitalisation. coque iphone What we need now is policy makers to rapidly implement policies which allow spectrum to be released, says Mkhwanazi.

need policy makers to allow for other technologies not just WiFi and fibre but TV white spaces and satellites. coque huawei coque iphone 5 pas cher We need to bague en or et saphir invent and not only import technologies, we must harness skills in South Africa bague en or png that will allow us to build our own technologies, says the CEO.

Looking to the future

In the coming months and years Mkhwanazi tells us that Project Isizwe will be looking at making its projects more sustainable in the long term.

of our projects are subsidised by private and public entities. coque samsung coque samsung j3 What we working on now are the sustainable revenue models of all of our projects. coque samsung j5 We don want these projects to become white elephants in the community once the sponsor pulls back the funding, the CEO says.

The organisation is currently testing a few models in a bid to make them all sustainable. coque samsung With a footprint in five provinces Project Isizwe is testing different models of sustainability vendre une bague en or avec diamant rather than trying to create a one bague en or sous la douche size fits all approach.

and bridging the digital divide is not government responsibility alone, it all of our responsibility.