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Pandora Blake: Yes! I have to say I really enjoying the responses to this set, both on the site and on grosse chaine collier homme Twitter. It makes me feel very good to have internet folks appreciating the hotness of my boyfriend. I particularly enjoying that he seems to have a goth girl fan base :)

GotN: Goth girl fan base does NOT surprise me in the least, being a kind of clumsy goth myself =) I actually really wanted to ask you about that do you get pride shivers when people tell you how hot D is Like, is there a showing off how hot he is element to photosets and videos

PB: Very collier prénom leclerc much yes. coque samsung It makes me feel collier homme or swag proud, delighted and very smug to hear people compliment him it like, yes, isn he gorgeous, thanks for noticing, and he MINE. I feel the same way when he dates new people to be honest it always makes me appreciate him a little bit more and feel very pleased and proud when I see people bracelet ancre homme montre being attracted to him

GotN: collier homme st valentin Ooh, yes I can definitely see that. coque iphone 6 pas cher Also, obviously am grateful, being one of the people who very much enjoys perving on his photosets.

PB: It is quite literally my pleasure.

GotN: This set in particular seems to have struck a chord with lots of people and obviously collier homme chaine de velo me too. One of the things that really got me about it was that photo with the belt round his wrist whose idea was that

PB: Oh, that was entirely mine. When I was first looking through the unedited photos to remind myself what collier homme design we had to work with, I had a chat window open with him, and a few pictures leaped out at me collier prénom emilie and gave me this involuntary physical quake of lust, so I posted them to him in the chat. coque iphone 5s That photo of the belt wrapped around his wrist was one of them.

PB: I was directing the set which I can do with a very clear head when I neither modelling nor taking the photos and I remember staging that shot. coque huawei Neither D nor Matt really got the point of it, but I was determined I wanted it. When I looked through the photos again there was this double pleasure of seeing collier homme pierre lave that shot the pure rush of desire at seeing an image that struck one of my kinks so perfectly, and the sort of meta delight at having successfully created something that was so perfectly bracelet ancre noeud porn for me. That was my aim with this set, to shoot something very self indulgent, so it was lovely to feel so clearly that I got it right.

GotN: Ohhh, that is so hot! And it totally reinforces for me why the best porn is often the porn that made by people who have exactly those kinks. Looking at that picture I would never have thought to explain that specific shot to anyone I never have told a partner to do that or why it would be hot but it gave me that exact same kick, and looking at it I realised that someone who didn share the exact same belt kinks with me would have been unlikely to stumble on something that hot by accident.

GotN: Also: by self indulgent do you mean is the set I make for myself to wank to :)

PB: Specifically, I wanted to shoot something to suit my own tastes without any reference to whether it might be popular or not. I never heard of a reverse striptease before, and I wasn sure whether a solo male dom set would make any money, but that wasn the point of this it was to please myself. That one of the reasons it been so validating to receive positive responses to it. I love knowing that my carrera steel collier homme specific porn collier prenom hind tastes which aren commonly catered to are shared by others!

GotN: pierre collier homme Oh I totally see what you mean there and although collier prenom histoire d’or this is going to sound horribly gendered I think that why it so important for me, as a mostly straight woman, to see female directed porn. The female gaze is not something that can just be captured by copying male gaze porn and making it softer, or focusing heavily on genitals, or whatever: it really stands out when you see something made by someone who is collier homme été behind the camera feeling genuine, kinky lust for someone. Not sure if I explained it that well, but yep I struggled to explain female gaze to people before, and I think from now on I just fournisseur bracelet ancre going to direct them to this photoset.

PB: So what is it about the collier prenom pauline belt round wrist that so sexy for you

GotN: Belts: sexiness beyond measure. I think of all the spanking implements they my favourite. But it not just collier homme cobain that I love them: belts have something about them that many subby people can resist. One of the most cited turn ons collier homme carpe diem for subs (in my general experience from sexy comments on my blog and etc) is that they love the sound that belts make when they pulled out through the loops: that swish of a belt that says in trouble. And then, on top of that.

GotN: Forearms are a stunningly hot feature, which does not get nearly enough love in my opinion. Biceps are often worshipped, but (I think I might be able to dig out the survey on this but not sure) forearms are one of the most frequently cited turn ons for women. Not sure what to call that zones bracelet ancre et montre fossil Lots of people perv on forearms, and yet they rarely put front and center of a sexy scene. coque iphone 8 pas cher That belt round wrist thing combined D gorgeous forearms with the symbolism of the belt, and then a slightly intimidating (in a domly hot way) blurred image of him in the mirror in the background behind. coque samsung Unngh. So much hot.

PB: For me, a strong looking forearm makes me think “I bet that person would be able to spank me really hard” more than a strong bicep does perhaps because bicep worship is so common, it more generalised rather than specifically a kink thing. (Although I do love biceps too.)

PB: That image is an interesting one it doesn prefigure any particular kink act; he not wrapping it around his hand in preparation to hit someone with it. coque huawei iphone 11 case kate spade And yet the tension of the leather, the way it bites into teh skin of his wrist, the contrast between his smooth skin and the warm texture of the belt, and the firm grip of his hand, all suggest tension and strength and anticipation in a way that incredibly powerful.

GotN: Oh yes! Strong forearms and oh bracelets and tattoos on forearms too. coque iphone Mmm. D wearing quite a neat bracelet in that photoset as well, which draws attention to the forearm so nicely the same way I wear a necklace to draw attention to a cleavage. More people should do this

PB: I love seeing that bracelet on him actually it was a gift from a friend who made friendship bracelets for the whole friendship group in our favourite colours, and D wore his for ages. I still have mine too! It grounds the set in reality and reminds me that he my real boyfriend with a life outside porn, as well as a super hot naked porn guy.

PB: So the reverse striptease. It was an idea I had ages ago, and I really pleased with the result. Does it work for collier homme pierre précieuse you having him start naked and finish dressed

GotN: YES! OMG so that was another thing I wanted to talk about. In general, I think my kinks tend collier prenom fimo towards guys who are either clothed or semi clothed. This actually probably ties in to the hotness of bracelets and tattoos too: it all about highlighting. Clothes draw your focus to a particular place. So in that photoset, you kind of immediately plunged into there a seriously hot naked guy here then as the set goes on, and the clothes go on piece by piece, it draws your attention to each feature. I LOVE it, and I would love to see more reverse stripteases in porn.

GotN: It actually reminds me a little of your calligraphy photoset with Adele Haze too the words slowly covering the skin make you take your time looking at all the details of someone body. coque iphone 7 pas cher So with D gradually covering himself over the course of the set, you get to go from full on naked then take time to appreciate his forearms, the tone of his stomach, and each detail, before ending on his hands slipping into the leather gloves

PB: speaking of which, can we take a moment to just appreciate the hotness of leather gloves

GotN: ohhhh yes! Leather gloves are

GotN: Also: white shirts with black buttons, which you don bracelet ancre marine facebook see much but which HOLY SHIT highlight D hands as he slowly buttoning up the shirt

GotN: I mean basically I am just to you how hot your boyfriend is, but yeah :)

GotN: I also wanted to ask you is this your favourite D photoset I enjoyed loads of D on Dreams of Spanking, but I wondered if you have a favourite set or picture of him Or as the director, do you love them all equally

PB: The highlighting thing is an interesting one I hadn thought of it that way. For me, the reverse striptease isn so much about revealing each feature as creating desire via unavailability. bracelet ancre marine homme rouge It like, D is immediately available at the start so you see how yummy he is, but then as he goes from sleepy boy to gradually getting covered up, it has this slight distancing effect by making him seem older, more unavailable, and more dominant. goed hoesje For me lust has a lot to do with wanting without having, so for his body to go from revealed to covered increases the desire as well as the specific clothes creating an aura of toppiness that has me squirming in my seat.

PB: This is my favourite D photoset right now, and I kind of obsessed with this picture that gives his beauty a rockstar pinup quality: I would totally have had that picture on my wall as a teenager.