Most people who are hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 consider the

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Anyways. No AJ on this list, FYI. Not that it matters anyways.Why should we listen to anything you say concerning P4P lists, when you can even back up why AJ deserves to be included in a P4P list over the fighters I listed? You cry “biased”, but can even answer that question or show how I being biased by keeping AJ off the list.

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If you screw up really bad that is. So far i only moncler sale outlet died once, as a prot warrior non the less, but i was stunlocked by multiple mobs and couldn use mitigation or defensives. Was in shattered halls.(also, can someone inform blizzard that instant, non dodgeable, non interruptable stuns are not fun?)what i don like though, and i also disliked this very much in legion, is that your stats, moncler outlet store most noticeably haste, get scaled down.

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