I was that quick kid that would take the hit everytime right

Class consciousness in this country has always been undermined by racism, and as long as that is a potent force the kind of revolution of consciousness you talking about doesn seem likely to materialize. Maybe someday there will be a sensible 2 party dynamic between left of center types and a true left wing, but right now we stuck fighting the very people we trying to help because they have Fox induced brain rot. The culture war has destroyed the brand of politics you talking about, at least in the short run..

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Dad took me to see the original films when they had their Special Edition rerelease in 1997. Think they came out May ish, so I was still 6. cheap nfl jerseys from china They defined a lot of my childhood, probably still define a rather large part of my adulthood. No one class could really claim ownership to any of these objects. All the functions to delete game objects were empty except for a “TODO” comment. Real glad we were never asked to implement those functions..

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