I want to deeply understand rotation

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beach dresses They never fail to amaze me!HopelessCineromantic 2 points submitted 4 days agoTo begin, we actually do see a dragon use non destructive Shouts. Specifically, the Dragon: Alduin. He destruction made manifest, but he shown using one or two Shouts (depending on intent) that aren combat oriented: Ven Mul Riik (Wind Strong Gale) and Slen Tiid Vo (Flesh Time Opposite). beach dresses

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cheap bikinis I looking for something super current (or confirmation that the guide I found is the best resource). I want to deeply understand rotation, the use of each move, how to weave things in later in the fight (not just an opener tutorial). For instance, Garuda is used in the opener, but do people try to pop Garuda out again later in a fight if the boss goes untargetable? Things like that. cheap bikinis

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swimsuits for women All we got now are leaks, it not something confirmed, nor a reason to be disappointed on, at least just yet. Even if they are true, these lack details or any composition, leaks are always confusing, whenever the game/book/content is going to be good or bad. For now, it looks kinda weird “I leaving but I may be back if the game is good”.. swimsuits for women

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swimwear sale Give it plenty of time to work. Gently brush (the method of using a stiff bristled brush to gently remove dried stains and spots) it out. Repeat if necessary. The one problem I have with her update is the fact that she lose the ability to preform executions because her highest base damage heavy will be 25 dmg. I understand that if it did anymore then it would be too much but she should have maybe a 30dmg attack that can execute but doesn give confirmed bleed (I don know how that work but I no developer). As for orochi I think that they be in low high a tier due to zerk and conq having matchups that just seem to obviously be in their favor (maybe even HL or Warlord) but orochi would probably beat kensei and glad (kensei due to his slow ish attacks and glad because of poor reflex guard) which would keep him in the higher tiers swimwear sale.