I have a different theory to add to the list

Good food beautiful places awesome historic cities art and design cars and motorbikes and. NOISY AND GESTICULATING PEOPLE! :D No matter what you have heard, let an expert tell you the truth: yes, we Italians are very noisy and we gesticulate a lot! (mostly if confronted with other populations).I know for sure that this feature characterizes and distinguishes us all over the world, and often people from other countries find it very funny! :D So (inspired by this kind of images), since Italians are not the majority on Instructables, I thought it would be funny to list and show you with some photos of me wholesale jerseys, several of the most common and appreciated Italian gestures! :) Then, you can call yourself a real Italian Aficionado and earn the seal of “100% approved Italian material” :D Ahah! Let’s start, amici!Step 1: Why Do Italians Use So Many Hand Gestures?There is a very funny and well made NewYorkTimes article about Italian gestures, I suggest you to take a look!Italian Psicology Professor Isabella Poggi says that there are more than 250 different gestures in Italian chatting! That’s a lot of shaking hands! :D In this study, several theories are taken in account to explain our propensity for hand gestures.Someone says that it’s because is by now part of our culture.Some other even says that in overpopulated cities like Naples, gesture has become a “marketing factor”.I have a different theory to add to the list, and it’s about dialect: every Italian can confirm you the countless amount of dialects in this country.It’s impressive and impossible to quantify.Even if there are some “macro dialect” that identify a lot of areas, each city has its particular cadence and language shape.For example wholesale jerseys, Bolognese (dialect of my home town) is very very different from Ferrarese (Ferrara’s dialect) wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys, and this two cities are 30 miles away!!!Imagine the situation in the South Italy, where dialects are much more complex and intricate.Even for an Italian wholesale jerseys, sometimes it’s really difficult to understand someone (like an elderly) who still speak strict dialect.For example I can’t understand A SINGLE THING (believe me) from someone who speak Sardo (Sardinian dialect). It’s like another language.

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