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WhatToWearToday.com gives you a unique overview of the latest fashion styles and ever-evolving fashion collections. What’s ‘IN’ right now? What are the trendy colours? What are the prints of the season? And what are the favourite fashion labels of the moment? WhatToWearToday.com works closely with a large team of fashion editors, stylists and fashionistas to get you the inside scoop on all that is happening. We make it easier for you to peruse the abundant fashion offerings and you will always know what the latest styles are. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy and be inspired!

Our team of experts searches high and low for the latest trends. They visit exciting fashion shows and keep in daily contact with fashion designers, clothing manufacturers and inspirational fashion icons. But beyond that, they comb the internet every day looking for distinctive new collections from famous – or perhaps young and upcoming – fashion labels. Of course, there’s no way we can present everything that’s out there: the selection is simply too great. Instead, we carefully choose a tasteful selection of items from inspirational fashion collections that are IN fashion AND available – specially designed for fashion-conscious women, men and children.

We don’t sell any of the products ourselves. Instead, we include links to the nearest store locations or reliable web shop with every fashion collection item we showcase. This allows us to remain independent, while you learn to navigate your way easily through the huge range of fashion choices out there.

We share our insights into the trends of each season for women, men, kids and footwear in our visual trend reports. We also present a daily selection of the most inspiring and trendy fashion picks in our e-Mag. If you’d like to be inspired by our expertise and keep up to date with the hottest new styles, sign up here for our trendy e-Mag or download the Whattoweartoday-App* (*coming soon).

We are curious about what you’re wearing and what style of clothing you like, and how you put together a great look. Become an interactive style consultant by sharing your style tips and advice with thousands of other fashion lovers on our brand new Facebook page! The best looks will be posted on What about you.