His key passes per 90 (KP90) are also down, standing at 2

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perfect hermes replica They have also averaged more shots (11.9/15.3) when he’s absent.Ozil himself replica hermes watch strap appears to be suffering. His expected assists per 90 (xA90) is 0.25 according to Understat, down on last year’s 0.38 and less than half his total of 0.52 in 2015 16 unquestionably his most outstanding season in an Arsenal shirt, in which he registered 19 Premier League assists.His key passes per 90 (KP90) are also down, standing at 2.16. Last year that figure was 3.49.Are these things down to something he is doing differently, or a change hermes replica birkin in team dynamic?Much has been made of Arsene Wenger’s laissez faire attitude on the training ground Wenger’s style in his latter years was more akin to Jose Mourinho than Pep Guardiola, waiting for players to do things off the cuff than on the basis of movements worked out on the training ground and Emery’s more hands on approach.And certainly it has been noticeable since the ex PSG and Sevilla coach arrived how he wants his attack to be more co ordinated, to press more readily regardless of how he adapts formation, be it 4 2 3 1, 4 3 3 or 3 4 3.Ozil thrived under Mourinho at Real Madrid and, for a time, starred under Wenger, playing almost exclusively as a No.10.You do wonder, particularly after hermes belt replica cheap overlooking him at Bournemouth, just how much faith Emery has in Ozil being able to carry out his orders.When it comes to pressing, some players just don’t hermes picotin replica have the same urge as others and don’t respond to the necessary triggers as quickly, always needing that extra half second to react; Ozil comes into that category.And that makes a player like replica hermes h belt Alex Iwobi more reliable to a coach like Emery; Iwobi may lack Ozil’s class on the ball, but is disciplined and hermes replica blanket presses like a demon.. perfect hermes replica

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