GlasgowHorrifying video shows rats scurrying around Glasgow

It’s not always shallow and you’ll never know what’s underneath. It’s not just children, it’s adults, too especially if people have had a drink. Things can go wrong very quickly.Read MoreTop news stories today”Cold water shock can take you away within a split second.”The couple, from Paisley, are backing a Scottish Fire and Rescue Service initiative urging communities to be aware of the threat in and around Scotland’s waters.Sharon said: “If we can save one life then we’ve done something right and we will have saved another family going through what we’ve gone through.”Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterMore OnScottish Fire and Rescue ServicePaisleyNewsallMost ReadMost RecentDrink drivingDrink drive cop smashed 40k BMW into roundabout as police car chased herRoad rampage cop Leigh Shaw dodged jail despite other people being locked up for less extreme offences.GlasgowHorrifying video shows rats scurrying around Glasgow street in broad daylightThe shock footage was shot in Garnethill and a local Neighbourhood Watch co ordinator says the vermin problem is getting out of control.ITVMartin Lewis reveals how you could get 150 completely free from your bankHere’s what you need to know.PaisleyViolent yob attacks man with pole in Paisley streetSickening footage online shows a man being smacked on the head with a pole while lying defenceless on the ground.HospitalsScandal hit NHS hospital bill could hit 400m as ‘fabric’ of new building needs changedA whistleblower says the empty Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh needs substantial changes before taking patients..

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