First, the Rubbermaid head is white which means that it could

A qualitative approach to generating data based on Grounded Theory was chosen. Sixty three people between the ages of 60 and 87 years participated and were interviewed using audiotape. The interviews were transcribed and subsequently analyzed, and the material was coded and collapsed into themes constituting the final grounded theory.Results.

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Kawhi is already 28, and has long term injury concerns that will never go away (it’s an injury that basically can never heal 100% from what I’ve read). He has like 6 7 years max of being the face of a contender. I don’t think he would bring the same value as Kobe Bryant did.

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The source speaking to Dual Pixels also tipped them off about Assassin Creed 3 being announced for the Wii U. That did come to pass so he at least gets some cred for being able to guess the obvious. With these titles, however, it hard to verify any of this.

Technically, faking a server should be relatively straightforward for someone moderately technical with access to the API specification, you wouldn need the source code. Alternatively, you can reverse engineer the spec from the DLLand snooping the net traffic with something like wireshark, although this is a little bitmore advanced. None of this is a quick job though and would require some effort and skill..

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