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1 point submitted 6 days agoYeah except ocean acidification isn’t a cycle. If someone says that, they’re blatantly using a canned response, uneducated on the matter, or can’t a little bit past basic timelines.If wiping out the entire ocean is a natural cycle then I don’t know what else could convince them otherwise .This is why I’m so disgruntled with democracy now, it gives a voice to extremely stupid and detrimental groups that use the average person as a means to an end, usually a monetary one sadly without the voter/support base realizing this.Tripwyr 11 points submitted 1 month agoHaving a police presence at all would make a pretty big difference. Things like occasional turn from wrong lane and speed traps would make people much more cautious.

“General Lassie sends her regards” and I the hounds A veritable tidal wave of war dogs cascades down the ridge at his army. My entire army was war dogs. My general was a war dog unit at maximum experience, with a small honor guard of likewise trained war dogs.

O’Lochlainn during the 1930′s and has widely been used the world over as the go to font for St. Patrick’s Day desktop and standard publishing. Character set is Lantin 1 and Colmcille is a TrueType format.. To be clear, I do not think you are automatically racist or in favor of all Republican policies if you vote for Republicans. After all, I voted for a guy in Minnesota with some allegations of abuse of an ex girlfriend. It possible he did some of the abuse, but voting for him doesn mean I approve of abuse..

12 points submitted 5 days agoThe map had the “chain” mod which makes projectiles fly towards another target after they hit one, and it had porcupines as a monster. Porcupines are dangerous because they release spines on death which can kill players if they are hit by many of them at once.When you play totems you place down a lot of stationary totem things which get hit by all the porcupine spines and then the projectiles chain to you. There is a pantheon power to avoid chained projectiles but Raiz did not unlock that yet.rata2ille 1 point submitted 7 days agoYou should wear a suit for any interview that takes place indoors, even if it’s not for an office job.

The market growth and demand for wind power has increased at an impressive 27%rate during the last five years. Even staid and conservative governments are promoting wind energy now. In some countries, wind energy equipment is available at subsidized rates so that more and more industrialists are investigating starting wind farms.

Cut the cake if you are not interested in cake cutting, or you just love cake. Cakes are not cool anymore, and if you don care about it, nobody else does either. Certainly many of us don want to eat it, gotta save those beer calories. If you want to get in good with your community make yourself available as often as possible. For example, if a coworker invites you to a drinking party you should go. Even if you don drink a lot, showing you putting in the effort to get to know them and fit in really shows you not just an outsider.

But it all started with NES booklets. Thank you Nintendo, you were the best english teacher a boy could ever ask for. Also I never forget the “. Instead okcheapjerseys, with very strong reactions, it assures security by proactive methods, which watches the malicious processes in real time by their known or predicted actions. If you are infected with some kind of a trojan, virus or keylogger, Zemana Antilogger takes immediate reaction when they try to act and block them. The key point here is that, it is not an antivirus nor an antimalware program per se.

.08 BAC, even the current .10 BAC limit, are arbitrary measurements and do not determine impairment, because alcohol affects different people differently depending on many factors. A woman with a slight build consuming 2 glasses of wine on an empty stomach may reach .08 BAC in one hour. Whether she and other responsible patrons of restaurants should face such severe consequences is of concern to the NJRA..

China may or may not maintain this method of launching its fighters. New aircraft carriers under construction in the United States and Britain make full use of catapult launch systems and not ski jump decks cheap jerseys, and if China dispenses with this means of launching aircraft it will mean that the J 15 has been redesigned from the base SU33 to better withstand the stresses of catapult assisted launches. The reconstruction required might also translate to a heavier aircraft better able to launch air to ground ordnance such as anti ship missiles, which could in turn indicate that the J 15 will be a more multi role oriented aircraft as opposed to being primarily an air superiority fighter more akin to the US operated F 18E Hornet than the Russian SU 33 Flanker..

The SEC Enforcement Division alleges that Total Wealth Management and its owner and CEO Jacob Cooper entered into undisclosed revenue sharing agreements through which they paid themselves kickbacks or so called sharing fees. They failed to disclose to clients the conflicts of interest created by these agreements as they recommended the underlying investments to clients and investors in the Altus family of funds. Total Wealth and Cooper also materially misrepresented the extent of the due diligence conducted on the investments they recommended.