Cover iphone 5 personalizzata The Four Currents of a Culture of Innovation cover samsung galaxy j5 2-caricabatteria custodia iphone 5-glfdbm

The Four Currents of a Culture of Innovation

The people in the trenches need to know that the head honchos cover samsung galaxy s4 mini silicone moschino not cover samsung s6 nera silicone only care about innovation, but are willing to do whatever it takes to establish a company culture conducive to it.

I’m not advocating phony pep talks from the C Suite. I’m advocating that senior leaders actually lead the effort. I’m advocating that all those wonderful people with three letter acronyms after their name walk the innovation talk. stir the soup. shake and bake. and do everything they can do to martial company resources in whatever way is necessary to transform “business as usual” to “I love this place cover samsung j5 2015 pokemon and I can’t wait to get to work.” Yes, it’s cover iphone 6s moschino possible.

2. BOTTOM UP: If an organization wants to innovate, it will need to get everyone into the act. Not just senior leaders. Not just R Everyone. Ideas the fuzzy front end of innovation can come from anywhere, anytime. When an organization really GETS this and finds new ways to tap the collective brainpower of the workforce, the culture starts changing for the better. People become more proactive. More energized. More passionate about their work.

Indeed, it could easily be said that the democratization of the workplace is one of the most important social movements of the 21st century. As power and decision making trickle down, custodia cover huawei mate 20 creative output ratchets up. People become self organizing, self directed and, on a really good day, selflessly committed to being a force for positive change.

3. OUTSIDE IN: Establishing a culture of innovation is only meaningful if the fruits of flip cover samsung a50 originale the effort yield the kind of results that are valued by your customers. Otherwise, the effort to “change the culture” will turn into some kind of weird, solipsistic ritual that will have no impact on the people you are serving.

Do you know who your customers custodia cover huawei p9 are Do you know what they want custodia iphone alluminio Do you have any kind of process in place to track changing market conditions, demographics, and emerging trends Have you figured out how to get zizo bolt cover iphone 6 real feedback and input from your customers how to include them in your ideation process

4. INSIDE OUT: Ah. now we’re really getting down to it. If you want a culture of innovation, you will need to find a way to unleash the passion, fascination, and inspiration of your workforce.

Not by dangling carrots and sticks (read Dan Pink’s new crea cover per cellulari book, Drive, if you doubt me), but by finding a way to activate the innate desire for meaning, enjoyment, and success that is buried deep within the bones of every amazon cover samsung galaxy a5 2017 single person who shows up for work day after day.

Organizations don’t innovate. People custodia cover samsung s9 plus do.

If you cover samsung galaxy j5 can find a way to unlock the primal mojo of your workforce, you won’t need to manage as much as you do. You won’t need photosi cover samsung to rely so heavily on incentive spigen cover samsung a40 plans, performance reviews, pep talks, custodia cover samsung note 8 frowns, and punishment.

That stuff only exists because your workforce is disengaged.

But when people are on fire with purpose, in touch with their own authentic cover samsung s5280 desire to create, a culture of innovation will naturally evolve.

This is the cycle a human society goes through every time it approaches the point in our societal cycle when it must make a big choice. That choice is either to collapse under the weight of unchecked fear/conservatism and attempt a futile retreat into a past that is gone or, alternatively; cover iphone 6 amazon silicone to succeed by putting aside fear of change/progress and investing with faith in the future being better than the past; even if it is different from the past

As “Gozer the Gozerian” said to the Ghostbuster’s in the 1984 movie. Ray Stantz was not the “Staypuff Marshmallow Man”. It was instead “Corporate Cost Cutting as a cover samsung a5 2017 star wars Business Culture”.

Unless we as a culture make the group decision to invest cover samsung j3 2016 brillantino heavily again in innovation we will see a collapse that in some parts of the world will look very much like the “Dark Ages”. We are approaching 7 Billion humans “cards” stacked up as a house of cards.

Without innovation as the glue to keep it together cover swarovski iphone x this could be a very ugly collapse.

Great post and a simple framework to think about innovation form all dimensions. I thought it was moving and wonderful. What wonderful pictures.

For is it not pride of a prestigious position that sets management up to be “higher” then its “subordinates”

I mean they get paid more for what, wearing a better suit, and at least thinking that they’re it, they’re the one.

The new Robin Hood movie is so time honored, because here exemplified one who changed the system, by being a core center of strength, which others magnetically gravitated to.

Without that one rare consciousness that has the ability to hold the respect and love of the team, and be that clear core center of sanity, fragmentation becomes the inevitable result. However if the foundational pillars are solid, the structure too will take on those same properties…