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How To Build Your First iPhone App

Update: This tutorial only works for Xcode 4.6 or lower. If you upgraded to Xcode 5, please vitre et coque samsung a40 check coque samsung a6 plus 2018 paillette out the updated Hello World tutorial. nike air max We also published a new screencast to coque huawei nova walk you through the process and updated the tutorial for Xcode 6.

I hope you have configured your development environment properly with Xcode installed. If you haven done so, check coque marvel samsung a50 out our previous article about what you need to begin iOS programming. chaussures nike en solde We use Xcode 4.3.2 to work on the tutorial. However, you can also Xcode 4.2 to build the app in case you can upgrade to the latest version of Xcode.

You may have heard of World program if you have read any programming book before. francekatajudo It has become the traditional program for first time learner to create. It a very simple program that usually outputs World coque samsung a10 football psg on coque iphone 4 the coque samsung a8 vitre display of a device. In this coque spigen a40 samsung tutorial, let follow the programming tradition and create a World app using Xcode. Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Despite its simplicity, the World program serves a few purposes:

It gives you a better idea about the syntax and structure of Objective C, the programming language of iOS.

It also gives you a basic introduction of the Xcode environment. valliepalma You learn how to create a Xcode project and create user interface with coque samsung a10 vache the built in interface builder.

You learn how to compile a program, build the app and test it using the Simulator.

Lastly, it makes you think programming is not difficult. I don want to scare you away.

Take a Look at Your First App

Before we go into the coding part, let first take a look at our version of the World app. The final deliverable will look like this:

Xcode shows you various project template for selection.

Project Options for Hello World App

You can simply fill in the options as follows:

Product Name: HelloWorld This is the name of your app. lotus elise custodia iphone x tyui16948 If you have a domain, you can use your own domain coque rose samsung galaxy j3 2016 name. Otherwise, you may use mine or just fill in Prefix: HelloWorld Xcode uses the class prefix to name the class automatically. coque miroir samsung j3 2017 In future, you may choose your own prefix or even coque huawei p10 leave it blank. Adidas Ozweego Men But for this tutorial, let keep it simple and use Family: iPhone Just use for this project.

Use Storyboards: [unchecked] Do coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se not select this option. You do not need Storyboards coque noir samsung galaxy a5 2016 for this simple project.

Use Automatic Reference Counting: [checked] By default, this should samsung galaxy a6 2016 coque be coque samsung a20e gateau enabled. Just leave it as it is.

Include Unit Tests: [unchecked] Leave this box coque iphone 7 8 unchecked. For now, you do not need the coque samsung a70 iron man unit test class.

Click to continue. Xcode then asks you where you saves the World project. custodia cover iphone 11 12 mini pro max university of georgia bulldogs logo z5010 Desktop) on your Mac. You may notice there is an option for Source Control. Just deselect it. We discuss about this option in the later tutorials. Click to continue.

Pick a Folder to Save Your Project

As you confirm, Xcode automatically creates the World project based on all the options you provided. The screen will look like this:

Main Xcode Window for Hello World Project

Familiarize with Xcode Workspace

Before we move on to code your app, let take a coque samsung a20e marbre few minutes to coque samsung a50 natation have a quick look at the Xcode workspace environment. vente en ligne nike On the left pane, it the project navigator. You can find all your files under this area.

Project Navigator in Workspace

The center part of the workspace is the editor coque spiderman samsung a8 area. You do all the editing stuffs (such as edit project setting, class file, user interface, etc) in this area depending on the type of file selected.

Editor and Utility Area in Xcode

The rightmost pane is the utility area. This area displays the properties of the file and allows you to access Quick Help.