Coque noir samsung a20 Apple adds new alert when your iPhone battery is failing-coque iphone 6s bambou-vabmju

Apple adds new alert coque iphone 6 plus squishy when your iPhone battery is failing

Further down coque iphone 6 integrale silicone on that screen is a subheading called Peak coque iphone 5s warriors Performance Capability. Most people get a note coque iphone 6s humour homme below this that reads “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.” That means everything is fine.

However, that note on many older iPhones will instead read “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown coque iphone 7 orange curcuma because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management coque samsung j3 has been applied to help prevent this from happening boulanger coque iphone 8 again.” (You should recognize this as the same text as coque samsung j5 appeared in the notification that started this process.)

That’s bad news, coque samsung a5 because your options at coque iphone 7 zokko this point are a slower phone or one that’s more coque iphone 7 ecaille likely to crash. But at least you get to choose. Previously, iOS would have just surreptitiously coque iphone 6 casque throttled itself.

To disable or not to coque iphone 7 bouddha disable

After the warning in Battery Health is a single word: Disable. Tapping on it will turn off throttling so your iPhone will continue to operate just like it moozy coque iphone 8 did before the crash. Nice, but the device coque samsung a7 will crash again the next time coque iphone 5s disney le roi lion the processor needs more power than the battery can provide.

Replace your battery

If you don’t like either of those solutions (and we don’t blame you), you coque samsung j7 can replace coque iphone 11 rhinoshield the battery coque iphone 7 haute couture in your iPhone. Fortunately, Apple is running a special on that particular service this year. The company will replace coque iphone 6 /6s the battery in most older models for just $29. That’s $50 below the regular cost. This deal is Apple’s way of apologizing coque iphone 6s de meilleure amie for throttling your handset without telling you…