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Save Money on Your AOL Bill

(This one is coque iphone 5 the walking dead for AOL users. If you are one, read on. If you aren one, read on coque iphone 5c silicone blanc anyway. I coque samsung j5 2016 argent bet you have at least one AOL using friend that can put this information to use.)

Once upon a time, AOL (America Online) was the Number coque iphone 4s clairs coque iphone 5 One way for people to get online. AOL provided coque iphone 4 stitch pas cher software, coque iphone 4s personnalisable an email address, and a phone number with a modem at the other end that would answer your dial up call and put you on the internet. That was a long time ago.

AOL charged for that. It makes sense that they coque iphone 4 pas cher personnalisé did; if nothing else, all of those marque de coque iphone 5 phone lines and modems cost AOL real money. So gear4 coque iphone 5 you paid, maybe $19.95 per month, maybe $14.95 per month, coque samsung j5 2016 labyrinthe and if you have an AOL account that is more than a couple of years old, you probably are still paying. But you don have to.

Turns out that AOL will give anyone a free email address. And, if you already have an AOL address, you should check to see whether you paying for it or not. If all you want from AOL is an email address, follow this tutorial and quit paying them. It really easy. (You can do this on your computer or your iPhone or iPad. Even the PC people can do this, so tell a friend. Your friend will thank you.) If you already checking your email on AOL, look for a tiny link at top left. That do it.

Step Two: click where it says The red arrow shows you where. You not coque iphone 4s zelda going to click and hold and slide down the menu that drops down. You just going to click on and let go.

Step Three: in this screen, click where it says Updates. It coque angleterre samsung galaxy j5 coque autres huawei 2017 nice and bold, at the top left. Hopefully, you know the answer to that. (If you not sure, contact me and I will help you find out. Hint: if you one of coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s my customers, you do NOT need a dial up connection. You have a coque iphone 5c dc shoes high speed connection already.)

Step Five: Now for the fun part. They tell you at the top what your current plan is. If it says anything other than Plan: $0.00/month you about to save some money.

Here what you might see:

Scroll down the page and you find the Free AOL plan. That the one for you. Click the big orange This Plan button and that is that. You see something like this when you done:

So what are you missing by going with the free plan Just a couple of things, which you probably don need:

No technical supportNo dial up access (but so what you have your own high speed connection, yes)No McAfee security (also, so what the version AOL is you isn compatible with Macs!)In other words, you not missing anything. So get rolling here and save yourself some money. You keep your email address, and your email will keep right coque huawei mate on working, without interruption. You just won be paying for it coque samsung galaxie j5 2017 kawaii anymore. Even a few bucks a month add up.

If a few bucks a month is no big deal, maybe you like to click the button below Yes, it really works.

Please use the “Sharing” buttons to share what’s interesting with your friends. It helps your friends and it helps me too. Thank you very much!

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