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Let’s talk about Logitech G604 Lightspeed. The mouse, which logically should be the heir to the previous G603 model. But if you own G603, then in coque samsung a5 dbz G604 you will find coque samsung galaxy coque galaxy note 3 lite j5 noir 2016 anything but the heir. And it is true. Fortunately, G604 has its redeeming qualities. We’re talking highest price segment here, where one mistake costs you a lot.

In addition, there is also MX Master 3, which, although it costs coque samsung galaxy note 3 harley davidson a little more, is significantly more universal in operation.

What’s in the box

However, back to G604. The package includes Logitech G604 Lightspeed itself, a receiver, a battery, a set of instructions, a Logitech G sticker, and a cable.

But the cable is not ordinary. This is essentially a USB extension coque rhinoshield galaxy note 8 cable that makes the process of installing a receiver in your computer easier. In addition, the closer the wireless adapter to the mouse during operation, coque pour galaxy j7 the more reliable the connection.

However, the lack of a second cable, microUSB/Type C hints at one coque galaxy j6 2019 fact. The mouse does not know how to recharge the battery, and housse coque samsung galaxy j1 works exclusively on batteries. I’m thinking about reviewing a couple of AA/AAA batteries with USB charging, and they should theoretically work fine with the device. But it’s suspiciously similar to the more flagship G502 model.

The shape of the case is the same for righties, with coque samsung galaxy4 a protrusion under the thumb on the left. coque samsung a3 2017 betty boop Two buttons at the top coque samsung j5 galaxy left of the left main button. Two buttons under the wheel, one for changing the mode of operation of the wheel.

Three mode wheel with vertical scrolling step by step, vertical scrolling without friction, and with the possibility of tilting it left and right to provide additional functionality.

On the left side we have not two, or even three additional buttons, but as many as six!

The lid is visible on the back of the case; remove it, and you’ll get access to the receiver and battery. The receiver is not Unifying, unfortunately, but works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz with the proprietary Logitech Lightspeed technology; it provides a minimum signal delay of only 1 ms. For a wireless mouse, this is the maximum for a wired coque samsung galaxy grand plus turquie mouse as well, since less than 1 ms is not supported by the USB cable.

Below is an optical sensor, a power switch coque samsung j3 2016 360 and four identical shaped vinyl legs. It’s nice that they are interchangeable, but finding them on sale will be extremely difficult, and there are no spared in the box. It’s a shame.

Materials and usability

The mouse case is made of a nice, slightly rough plastic. There is almost no coque samsung a3 2017 ferrari gloss, only a strip in which samsung galaxy a80 coque the wheel is embedded in the front. The wheel is heavy, metal, very pleasant to the coque samsung galaxi note 3 touch and scrolls with solid inertia. It’s great, really.

The mouse looks like it should feel great in hand. But no, my thumb squeezes the rodent at critical moments so that one of the six side buttons, the G5 button, gets accidentally pressed. The sensor is a branded Hero 16K, DPI from 100 to 16,000. The values of smoothing, filtering and acceleration are zero, the maximum acceleration is 40 G, the maximum speed is 10 m/s.

The USB data coque samsung galaxy note.4 format is 16 bits prix coque samsung s7 edge per axis, the speed is 1 ms, for Bluetooth from 7.5 ms to 11.25 ms (88 133 Hz). There is also a processor, coque samsung an unnamed 32 bit ARM.

The declared endurance of Teflon legs is up to 250 km. When using Lightspeed, the battery should survive up to 240 hours, when using Bluetooth almost 4,000 hours, or 5 and a half months. There, a brief introductory instruction explains both the principle of operation/activating Lightspeed, and the purpose of the button to switch the wheel mode, and much coque samsung ace s5839i more.

The main thing here is setting of the buttons. Since G604 has six of them, plus, of course, the ability to switch coque samsung s6 porte carte coque galaxy tab 3 lite the profile via G Shift, customizing the rodent for yourself is a must.

There are a lot of functions: five tabs with 15 20 functions in the smallest case. What I never found was the functionality of gestures from coque samsung s6 cerf MX Master 3, so if anyone needs them, try different coque samsung galaxy s7 edge spigen rugged armor noir mouse…