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eToro is one of the largest online trading platforms in the world, supporting a chucky coque iphone xr variety of markets and financial instruments. Along with a useful trading app and one of the most comprehensive lists of payment methods, the platform gives you access to buy and trade numerous cryptocurrencies, amongst which Ether, more commonly known as Ethereum.

This guide veni vici coque samsung will provide you with all the information you need about trading Ethereum on eToro.

Why Choose eToroWhen trading Ethereum with eToro you can choose between two primary methods. If you are looking to own the cryptocurrency then you can purchase it directly and store it directly on the platform in built wallet. This service is very similar to that offered by the most reputable Ethereum exchanges.

The second purchasing method is to invest in cryptocurrencies by trading Ethereum Contracts for Difference (CFDs). This financial instrument allows you to benefit from price movements of a particular asset without directly owning the asset. In addition, eToro allows you to trade with leverage, which means that you can open positions twice the size of your capital.

Whilst eToro is not the only trading platform offering Ethereum CFDs, it includes the social (or copy) trading platform. This convenient tool is ideal for coque samsung j6 2018 psg traders who lack the experience or time to carry out trades, by allowing them to automatically copy trades of successful traders. The social trading platform allows you to view the portfolios of the platform best investors and invest your capital according to their trades, all in real time.

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CopyTrader is the name eToro gives to its social trading platform, allowing it to offer a unique tool which makes it stand out from a crowded market. Whilst it is primarily used by beginner traders, this platform is also useful for experienced traders coque iphone xr atletico who just don have the time to carry out trend trading and other investment strategies. Instead, they rely on, and benefit, from the time and skills of other investors.

Accessing the CopyTrader page is very easy, with a link on the left hand side of the market screen. Once there you can filter your choices according to your investment criteria. Options include:

Markets coque samsung a3 auchan (Crypto, Forex, Commodities, etc.)Minimum overall profitPeriod (months) within which profit was generatedRisk scoreNumber of active tradeseToro automatically posts the most successful traders first, but keep an eye out for coque silicone iphone xr blanc their risk score. Normally, the more successful a trader is the higher the risk score. You must always be prepared to lose some or all of your investment capital when copying high risk investors.

Currently, the top 3 crypto traders which you can copy on eToro are:

JeppeKirkBlondeDavidePerinaharshsmithBefore choosing to copy coque iphone xr unbreakcable any trader on eToro you can view their profile, which provides you with information about their track record, their experience, and their current trades. Very often you will find that these investors diversify their portfolio across markets, lowering the overall risk of their investment.

Ethereum Cross Markets Screenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

The coque samsung s8 swag investment opportunities involving Ethereum and offered by eToro include a variety of cross markets. The platform supports coque samsung a5 2016 loup two primary cross markets, namely Crypto and Fiat coque samsung galaxy s5 mini chanel Currency coque iphone xr caseology crosses. Commodity crosses have also been introduced, but these are currently limited to Bitcoin, not Ethereum.

Investing in Ethereum cross markets coque samsung j3 2016 militaire on eToro is very simple. All you need to do is:

Click on the Trade coque samsung galaxy s6 32go Markets link on the left hand side of the screenSelect Crypto markets from the menu at the topBelow the search results total you will find two drop down menus, one is labelled Crypto, which you should leave as is, coque samsung grand i9060 whilst the other is labelled Coins by defaultIf you would like to change the cross markets to Crypto, Currencies, or Commodities, you can do this by changing the option on the second drop down menuThe options available are presented below these drop down menus, and executing a coque samsung galaxy j5 classe trade with any of them is as easy as clicking on the Buy or Sell buttons on each tickerEthereum cross markets include several options, including ETH/EOS, ETH/BTC, and ETH/XLM. Before processing any trade on eToro you get the opportunity to set Stop Loss and Take Profit options, which minimise your risk when you are not able to constantly monitor coque samsung j3 2016 en fer your investment progress.

Visit eToro 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

Buy and HoldThere are several different strategies which you can adopt in order to trade Ethereum effectively on eToro. One of the coque iphone xr jurassic park most popular methods is known as HODL, and although the term was originally coined for Bitcoin it works across the cryptocurrency market. This strategy involves buying Ethereum coins and keeping them for the long term, expecting a sizeable return following a sudden price hike or general increasing trend.

When using the HODL strategy on eToro you benefit from lower fees since you are not charged overnight or leverage charges. The Ethereum coins are securely stored in your platform wallet and you can keep hold of them for as long as you wish. This strategy is only suitable when buying crypto assets directly and is not ideal for Ethereum CFDs.

Shorting Longing EthereumScreenshots are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Two of the most popular investment strategies on eToro are shorting and longing. You would normally short sell Ethereum because you believe that its price will decrease by the time you come to close your position. On the other hand, longing is the more traditional strategy, where you buy low and sell high. If you are planning to short or long Ethereum on eToro you should focus on CFDs, since these are the best financial instruments for this purpose.

Apart from not needing to worry about storing your Ethereum, trading CFDs on eToro gives you access to margin trading, which means you can borrow money to open larger positions. Trading on leverage is a high risk investment strategy which you should only opt for if you fully understand the risks involved. With margin trading, there is a higher possibility of losing some or all of your investment capital.

Practice Makes PerfectInvesting with eToro is convenient and easy, but developing the right investment strategy for you can take time. Before you start investing your money in Ethereum you should carry out basic research on different coque samsung j3 groot strategies and coque samsung galaxy zoom read up to date cryptocurrency news coque samsung j5 2016 blanc to understand trends and external factors which can coque samsung j7 2016 chat affect the price. The best way to do all this is to follow Cryptimi guides and cryptocurrency news, which are updated daily, providing you with the most important information, in a concise, yet detailed format.

The best way to learn is to practice, so eToro offers you the possibility of using a demo account. With this account, you can test out different strategies and techniques without risking any of your own funds. eToro demo account works exactly like the real platform, with price changes and tools behaving in the same way.

Visit eToro 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

Regular Asset Trading vs Ethereum CFD tradingeToro is one coque samsung galaxy core prime ol of the few online trading platforms which gives you direct access to both Ethereum coque samsung galaxy grand plus personnalisé assets and Ethereum CFDs. Buying and selling Ethereum assets is normally carried out when you plan to utilise the coin itself or wish to use it buy another cryptocurrency. Today, there is an increasing number of online shops with support Ethereum payments, and eToro offers you a convenient and fast platform where to get hold of digital currency.

Ethereum CFD trading, on the other hand, is best for those looking to generate a profitable return when trading coque samsung j5 strass Ethereum. Whilst there are some additional benefits to CFD trading, most investors who opt for this financial instrument are looking to invest in cryptocurrency without needing to worry about storing it securely.

Protecting cryptocurrency involves owning a wallet and keeping private keys and other passwords secure. If you don need to own the underlying asset, then Ethereum CFD trading might be a better fit, since its faster to get started and you don need to understand how crypto wallets work.

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