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In this first post, I will teach you how to set up a photo studio at home on coque fille huawei p8 lite 2017 a bootstrapped budget. You will be surprised to see how easily you can turn your living room (or spare bedroom, garage, etc.) into your own home photography studio so coque iphone 5 silicone amazon that you can consistently produce quality white background product images for your online store. The home photo coque iphone 5 coque huawei p8 lite 2017 arbre marbre studio below cost less than $300 USD to set up (with camera!), and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

You can use this setup to shoot a range of products such as clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and more! Let’s get started.

That coque iphone hema being said, if you have room in the budget for a quality machine, go for it. Keep in mind that your camera is just 1 of 5 factors that will affect the final outcome of your product images. Your home photography studio setup, lighting, product styling, coque iphone 5 les plus belle and using the best product image editing service all play an important role in the creation of quality product images.

So coque iphone m&m’s don’t stress about the camera. I suggest that you first coque iphone burberry try to use what you have at home before you go on a shopping spree (here’s a guide to smartphone product photography). If you are set on buying new equipment, I suggest that you purchase a camera that at a minimum has manual settings for exposure and aperture.

What to buy Well there are tons of great cameras on the market, and for the budget conscience E tailer, I suggest something along the lines of a Canon PowerShot SX620 HS, which is more than enough camera to get the job done. This camera retails at $230, has manual settings, takes clean and crisp images at 22 Megapixels, and has built in wifi capabilities. Remember that you can also get a great deal on used cameras on eBay or Craigslist to bring the price down even further!

$230 Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Note: if you can find the discontinued Canon PowerShot SX510, which floats around used for less than $100, do it!

Don’t forget your SD memory card! This is what your camera will use to store your images on during a photo shoot. Memory is cheap these days and a modest capacity SD card (+16GB) shouldn’t run more than $10 bucks. For DIY product photography, you don’t need to worry about speed class. Without going into detail, speed is more relevant with video or burst site de vente de coque iphone photography.

$7 SanDisk 16GB SD Memory Card

It is important to get a long roll of white paper, because you need to create a seamless white “sweep” (a curved seamless background behind the product), in order to reduce the amount of post production work your images will require after shooting. There’s a reason e commerce photography is synonymous with white background photography.

The width of the roll of paper should be larger than the product you are photographing. I recommend a good standard size of 53 inches across. You can find ones griffin coque iphone 5s that are smaller and wider, but this is a great length for most product sizes. It may not work for large products like furniture and equipment, or shooting coque iphone 5s qui s’allume on model apparel; in those cases you will want something wall length and large.

$28 Savage Seamless White Backdrop Paper 53″ wide x 12 yards

Use a piece of white foam board (“foam core”) as your reflector. White foam boards are utilized for “bouncing” light from the window of your studio back onto your product. The purpose of using a foam “reflector” is to reduce the shadow on the side of coque iphone coque huawei p8 lite 2017 motif marbrer 6s plus swag the product opposite to the window. This technique provides “fill light” and will give your product an even, clean look. Like the white paper roll, you can find foam core board at most office supply and camera stores.

$10 White Foam Core, Pack of 5 16×20

You will also need a photo table to allow your white backdrop “sweep” to fall across, so you can position and style your product accordingly. You don’t want your product too high or too low, because it won’t be comfortable or easy for you to take photographs of your product. I suggest a foldable card coque iphone 5c tigrou table for easy clean up. You can use the photo table anywhere, making its portability very convenient as well! You can find tables like this under $50 at your local hardware store or online.

$45 Cosco Black Square Folding Table 34″x34″

Last on our list (and most important) is having access to a large window that allows for a lot of natural light. Make sure you do a little house cleaning and clear some space in the room to work around the window. The key is having ample natural light and a workspace that allows you to move around comfortably while taking photographs.

Whatever the size of your product, you will want the window to be significantly larger. The bigger the window/light source the more even and soft light there will be. The smaller the window/light coque iphone 5 pas cher amazon source coque p8 lite 2017 huawei loup the less light and more directional it will be. If you are photographing small earrings, a smaller window will work fine in my case I am photographing shoes, so the bigger and wider the better.

In most cases, utilize the largest window in your home. The windows I have used are in my dining room and measure 50″ by 50″. Just remember, when it comes to DIY studio lighting, woop coque iphone the bigger the window is the better.

So that’s it! Now just head out to the store, and for under $300 you will be converting your spare bedroom room into a home product photography studio. Just coque iphone 7 rouge apple don’t tell your spouse that coque iphone se gucci you learned these tips from us! Now that you have all the necessary equipment to photograph your products, follow my next steps and get your home photo studio set up in 10 minutes or less!

Part 2: How to Set Up Your DIY Photo Studio

Step 1: Table Window (1 minute)

Start by positioning your foldable table near your window. Our goal is to have even, natural light on the product. That being said, it’s important to point out that we do not want direct supreme coque iphone 7 sunlight to hit the set. I will cover the optimal time to photograph your products in Part 2 of this post. You should also be sure to allow yourself enough room to move around the table to style and shoot your product once the backdrop is set up. I’ve learned that being in a small space can literally cramp your style.

Step 2: Seamless White Backdrop Paper Tape (3 minutes)

Now unroll your white background coque huawei p8 lite 2017 feuilles paper roll and tape it to a wall, ceiling, créer coque iphone 5 or something that can hold it up (like a large box or a book stand). I will be using my ceiling, because my window is in the middle of the room and this will allow my paper sweep to fall nicely onto the photo table. Tape the sides of the paper to the table as well, so your setup doesn’t move while you are shooting pictures. Stabilizing the white photo backdrop also helps me keep things clean and organized which allows me to focus on my camera.

If you are photographing footwear, coque huawei p8 lite 2017 ktm make sure to brush, shine or clean off any dust or scuff marks. This can reduce your post production time greatly, but don’t worry if your product isn’t 100% perfect, as it is possible to fix the remaining defects in Photoshop.

Make sure to clean and prep your object before you photograph coque iphone 6 cannabis it.

Now place your product in the middle of your white backdrop and directly in front of where your camera will be placed. I am photographing a pair of women’s heeled pumps, and I will be taking multiple images of this shoe to capture as many angles as possible for my product listing. When you rotate your product, make sure to keep your tripod, camera, and object in the exact same place for each shot, so that the product is framed the same way for all images. Doing so will make your images more consistent and will reduce the amount of post production time needed to perfect the images…