Coque iphone pour mec 4 Easy Ways to Factory Reset Your iPhone without Losing Data coque samsung gal-coque iphone 5c 360-yxswit

To be honest, many problems on your iPhone can be solved easily via a factory reset. But this operation will erase all iPhone data by default. No one is willing to accept coque iphone 6 porn data loss. So this post will coque iphone 8 plus transparente avec motif show 4 ways to factory reset iPhone without losing data.

So called “Factory Reset” will thoroughly restore your iPhone coque iphone 5s silicone mou back to its factory settings, so that this iPhone will work like a fresh new device. Also, after a factory reset, a myriad of issues on the iPhone can vanish into thin air. Therefore, plenty of users prefer to factory reset their iPhone when coming across some troubles, such as iPhone not responding, stuck on Apple Logo, incapacity guess coque iphone 7 of connecting to Wi Fi, coque iphone 6 silicone ulak running strangely slowly coque iphone 6 lanhiem and so on.

Nevertheless, via factory coque iphone 4s la petite robe noire reset, all data stored on the iPhone will be wiped totally, namely data loss, which is not acceptable for all users. Thus, many long for some means to factory reset iPhone without losing any data. Now, in the followings, we will share you 4 simple approaches.

1. Reset All Settings on coque iphone se beige iPhone

Sometimes, what you want is to restore your iPhone coque iphone 7 paillettes liquide etoile to its factory settings, not to bring it back to exactly its original status when you first bought it. In other words, you simply hope to restore all the iPhone settings without touching any data on it. In this scenario, you can make use of the iphone 6 coque drapeau turquie inbuilt “Reset All Settings” option on the iPhone. On your iPhone, go to “Settings” coque iphone 5 holographique and click “General” and coque iphone 7 aztèque choose “Reset”. Among the emerging three options, you coque iphone 5 s bleu can select “Reset All Settings”.

2. Erase iPhone after iCloud Backups

Maybe you must have seen the “Erase All Contents coque iphone 6 spigen test and Settings” option under the “Reset All Settings”. By that way, it’ll indeed factory reset the iPhone completely. You can also make use of this method. But there is auchan coque iphone 7 plus a coque iphone 7 + vitre premise you should back up your iPhone data in advance. Just utilize iCloud to back up your data. Then tap on “Erase coque iphone 7 steampunk All Contents and Settings” and hit “Erase iPhone”. After coque iphone 5s jedi factory resetting is completed, you can restore your iPhone data from backups, like coque iphone 6 scrat recover PST data coque a clapet pour iphone 6 from PST backups on PC.

3. Restore iPhone with iTunes

Furthermore, you can also apply iTunes to factory reset your iPhone. In the first place, you have to insure the iTunes on your computer is the latest version. Then connect iPhone to the computer and next launch iTunes. Subsequently, select the iPhone in iTunes and select “Back Up Now”. After backing up, coque iphone 6 disney 3d stitch hit coque iphone 7 conseil “Restore” button. Click “Restore” when iTunes ask you again. Lastly, hit “Agree” and wait reset to be finished.

There are many coque iphone 5c arc en ciel third party iPhone restore utilities in today’s market. Hence, you can select such an external tool which can factory reset your iPhone with no coque grosse protection iphone 6 data lost…