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Insurance Appeals How I forced Aetna to pay for my son

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HomeResources for FamiliesThe Special Needs Mom Life{Insurance Appeals} How I forced Aetna to pay for bracelet homme michel herbelin my son brain surgery.

{Insurance Appeals} How I forced Aetna to pay for my son bracelet homme macrame brain surgery. collier or kenzo Yes, I knew I would. coque huawei After all, any time I learn something that benefitted my child and could potentially help other children, I want to share the information. Particularly when it comes to navigating a difficult system. And bracelet homme skateur collier or 14 carat insurance and insurance appeals definitely meet the criteria of difficult.

I can believe that it has been just about a year since we won our appeal. ulvo H眉fttasche I do know that it had an incredible toll on our family and my emotional and physical health. coque samsung coque iphone That why I been so slow to not only do this post but get back into gear with all things on the blog and podcast. kanken laptop 17” I was running full throttle for so long, that I just tom hope bracelet homme cuir needed a break. coque iphone From everything. Sharing what I can for anyone having bracelet homme perle noire tahiti an insurance appeals issue.

A brief history.

I won bore you or invade my son privacy by sharing bracelet homme perles cuir his medical diagnoses and conditions. Austin Jones Jersey If you want to skip over this part, just scroll down until you see the heading about Insurance Appeals.

Just know that he has a serious seizure disorder. Way beyond just has epilepsy. Kendrick Green Jersey bracelet bijoux Which is serious, I not trying to devaluate anyone experience. But with his condition, more than half of the recorded deaths are from seizures SUDEP tuto bracelet homme macramé or status epilepticus. And, it often takes them at a very young age. coque iphone 11 It not a kind bijoulia bracelet homme of epilepsy that you learn to live with, it kills you.

You know all those pictures you see on Facebook, kids holding up signs that say months seizure free! Yeah, my kid wasn ever going even 6 minutes without a seizure. Basically, his brain was in a constant state of seizing and recovery. He had stitches multiple times from seizure falls and wore a helmet. coque huawei He slept about 16+ hours a day because of his bracelet homme maori poor sleep. coque samsung I often slept with bracelet homme cordon acier him. coque iphone 7 pas cher It helped alleviate my SUDEP fears. It affected every part of our life attending sports events for our other child to canceling family vacations and more. coque iphone 6 Our situation was dire.

We had been all up and down the east coast. Each neurologist or epileptologist would just shrug and say, always going to have a lot of seizures. coque iphone That wasn acceptable to me. coque samsung We couldn live like this. coque iphone 5 Kevin wouldn live like this.

He tried various medications, every option thrown at us, we tried. College Football Store coque iphone 6 pas cher (If you email me and ask bracelet homme totem me if I ever heard of cannabis for seizures, I bracelet homme acier gris et noir will hunt you down to punch you in the face.)

I knew of other moms dealing with the same struggle. Both opted for the corpus callosotomy. In one child the CC was completely unsuccessful. coque iphone In the other child (both were boys Kevin age btw), the mom said, sure, it stopped his drop seizures but he still having 50 other seizures a day. coque iphone The RNS device.

I was vacuuming my living room and my ear caught part of a segment, something about seizures. When you have a kid like mine, any time you hear anything about seizures, you listen. coque iphone Because we were desperate. The segment is below.

As you can bracelet homme or luxe see, that video is dated April of 2018. coque samsung By June, I was sitting in that neurosurgeon office in NYC, pleading our case. kanken laptop 15” And learning. coque iphone I learned two important things that day. One is that the RNS is only FDA approved for adults, and only for focalized seizures. coque samsung The other is that I found a neurosurgeon who believed in Kevin and believed graver un bracelet homme that he deserved a chance at better.

By June of 2018, Kevin had an SEEG, by this same neurosurgeon. bijoux pas cher An SEEG pinpoints where seizures are coming from, in the brain. An EEG is on your scalp. Shop Arizona Cardinals Jerseys An SEEG is on your brain. They actually drilled 12 holes in K skull. coque iphone 5 pas cher This is how desperate we were.