As humanity and its understanding of the natural world

In one of my first DND sessions the DM accidentally killed his SO’s character. We were low level and he rolled a die to see who the Hag was going to attack. It happened to be his SO who was already low on health and she ended up dying during the course of the battle.

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This works when the risk of jail is worse than the risk of not doing the thing. If he gets caught(by other bangers) without a gun period, he dies. I don smoke weed because the risk of jail and losing my job is worse than the risk of me not getting high..

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I so sorry you feel this way. I feel this way as well sometimes. I haven talked to the girl I loved so much, and still kinda do, in a little more than 2 months now. But dealing with the corporate side is bad. You will be babysat. Full truck monitoring, speed going down a hill.

It does take some chemicals, but I can make a board in around 30 mins, which is much better than a few days to weeks when ordering boards. I just made boards exactly like you describing and it went great. If you need more complex circuits tho with lots of vias and stuff, properly produced boards start looking good pretty quick..

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