Actual public property is owned by the government

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cheap moncler coats for women She is now back in the United States (although the acquittal itself was overturned last month, and Italy wants her to return for a retrial.)Obviously, I have no idea whether the prosecutor’s argument against Knox, including the charge that the murder resulted from sex games gone awry, has a shred of truth to it. Here’s what I do know: If Amanda Knox had been Andrew Knox, the breathless and prolonged excitement around his sex life would be greatly diminished, or absent altogether. If Amanda had been Andrew, he wouldn’t have been labeled “a sex mad flatmate” in the media.No, just as Frank Bruni writes in last Sunday’s New York Times, the “veritable drumbeat of sexual shaming” heaped on Amanda Knox amounts to sexism run rampant.While he finds the case constructed against Amanda Knox to be “profoundly flawed”, it’s the sexism Bruni focuses on. cheap moncler coats for women

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