[52] During an interview with Australian radio in September 2008

He uses an example of, if you have 90% to hit or they have 10% chance to miss, by putting 3 pts from gifted into it, you don increase it by 3% or decrease it by 3% but by 30%, which yeah, okay, but if you in a situation where they have 10% chance to hit you and that 7% would made all the difference, you in a weird ass situation same for 90% most of the time, it more like 60% vs 63% when all the checks start triggering, the point of gifted is gone everyone starts capping at 95% chance to hit with backstabber/morale boost/demoralization triggers/other bonuses from wpns/skills/etc. And same with the enemies. And that before vet.

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swimsuits for women One of the dancers puts a Discolite Boombox on, blaring the music through the house. The crowd at the party appear to be sleeping in different areas polarized sunglasses, and are awoken by the music.[50] They all start to dance vintage round sunglasses, and scenes of the party are intercut with scenes of a scantily dressed Gaga dancing in a poncho, with a disco ball or in a small rubber pool playing with an inflated killer whale.[50] She wears a blue, lightning bolt shaped sticker beneath her right eye like that on the single cover, which paid tribute to the album cover of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, as he is one of her musical idols.[51] O’Donis appears in the video being flanked by several girls during the “When I come through on the dance floor” interlude.[50] Cameo appearances are made by Akon and Space Cowboy. MTV called the video as an ode to the “Me Decade”.[52] During an interview with Australian radio in September 2008 retro sunglasses, Gaga said that “[t]he whole video is performance art about being drunk at a party.”[13] When asked about the shooting experience of the music video, Gaga explained,. swimsuits for women

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