1956 Althea Gibson wins the women’s singles title

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping The stadium and tournament are named after Roland Garros, and the tournament is still widely known by that name. Garros was an aviator who made the first successful crossing of the Mediterranean in 1913.1940 1945 The tournament is canceled due to World War II.1956 Althea Gibson wins the women’s singles title, becoming the first African American player to win a Grand Slam event.1958 Zsuzsi Kormoczy becomes the oldest woman ever to win the singles title at 33 years old.1968 The Roland Garros is the first Grand Slam to become an open tournament.1972 Andres Gimeno becomes the oldest man ever to win the singles title at 34 years and ten months of age.1989 Michael Chang becomes the youngest man ever to win the singles title at 17 years and three months of age.1990 Monica Seles becomes the youngest woman ever to win the singles title at 16 years and six months of age.2006 The French Open awards equal prize money to the men’s and women’s singles champions, although disparity remains in all other rounds.2007 Equal prize money is awarded to all female and male players across the board in all events. The French Open is the last of the four Grand Slam tournaments to make the move for equal pay in prize money.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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